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North American CNN journalist Anderson Cooper (53) told of his acceptance process during his “The Anderson Cooper 360” program on the “Ask Anderson Almost Anything” board (in free translation: Ask Anderson Virtually Anything), when a viewer asked about it.

Anderson Cooper says being gay at age 7 and tells why it took him long to come out
Anderson Cooper says being gay at 7 and tells why it took him long to come out / Reproduction

“I was probably seven when I realized [que era gay]. I’m not sure if I knew the word gay at that time, but I realized that there was something and that something was different (…) I commented to some friends in high school. I think I really embraced [a causa] and came to love being gay right after high school “.

The acceptance for Cooper was a process and he had to face many challenges in the face of his sexual orientation.

“Many things I wanted to do at that time were made impossible for gays. I was interested in joining the military, but you couldn’t be gay.” – said – “Many places that I would like to go to I could not for security reasons. I felt that there were many limitations [por ser gay], and it was not what I wanted for my life “ – continued.

“I imagined a family, getting married, and all those things that were impossible at the time” – he said. Cooper currently considers his homosexuality to be a “blessing” in his life.

“As I said before, I think being gay is one of the greatest blessings in my life, and it has made me a better person and a better reporter. When you grow up outside the norm, and you start to notice things that are not in the standard, you see society a little differently, and this is very valuable “ – she said.

“It allowed me to love the people I love and live the life I had, so I am very blessed” – he concluded.

It is worth saying that Cooper is considered one of the most prominent gay journalists on television in the United States by The New York Times, in addition to being the first homosexual to mediate the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016.

With information from Queerty.

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