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Last Wednesday (January 6), Jeremy Joseph, owner of the famous London nightclub G-A-Y, tweeted that “the answer” to the coronavirus pandemic is mass vaccination and, as a way to participate in the democratization of quick access to the resource, offered his space Heaven in London as a public vaccination center.

The tweet read: “Like other public service locations, on Sunday, we wrote to the Westminister Council offering Heaven Nightclub as a vaccination center, it’s an empty space already divided into booths. It would be an honor if it were used closed to help vaccinate people. ”

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Before him, James Lindsay, CEO of Royal Vauxhall Tavern, had already expressed the club’s willingness to serve the same purpose. Segundo Lindsay, a casa oferece “amplo espaço para funcionários e voluntários do Serviço Nacional de Saúde (NHS).

Due to the pandemic, hundreds of bars, clubs and the like were closed – which left many empty spaces. As a way to more quickly compensate for the financial setback, some of the owners of these establishments offered their properties as potential vaccination centers.

According to recent information, none of the properties received a response from the British government.



The intriguing note of the episode is the fact that Jeremy Joseph filed for legal action against the restrictions on coronavirus in October, which was not accepted by the London courts.

Pubs, clubs and similar establishments were forced to close at 10 pm, a measure that Joseph defined as being “detrimental to the public service sector” and which would put him “out of the market”.

With the exponential growth of cases of contamination and, in addition, the emergence of a new variation of the virus, Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, announced last Monday that England would make the most intense trade closure since March last year, especially as a measure to decrease the demands in hospitals.

“Of course, we need to do more to get this new variant under control. This means that the government is once again instructing you to stay home, “Johnson said in a television speech.

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