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The actor Marco Pigossi (32) revealed that he is dating the Italian director Marco Calvani, who lives in New York, USA, in a photo in his official Instagram profile stories.

“Shocking zero people,” said the actor as he posted the image. Calvani also took the opportunity to publish the same image in the feed of his social network, saying “Thank you for that”.

Reproduction/ Instagram @mcalvani
Marco Calvani - Reproduction
The Italian Marco Calvani – Reproduction
Marco Calvani - Reproduction
The Italian Marco Calvani – Reproduction
The Italian Marco Calvani - Reproduction
The Italian Marco Calvani – Reproduction

Until then, Marco Pigossi had always been discreet about his sexual orientation, and the biggest “clue” he gave was in 2016, when he said on social media that “pleasure has no gender”, after denying that he had sex with other men.

“I make these invented words my own words: pleasure has no gender. And may this be more and more repeated and remembered in this moment of intolerance and lack of humanity that we are living through. As for the other statements, they are and will always be just words thrown in the wind”, he said.

Between 2008 and 2011, he dated the biomedical Janaína Gomes.

Image shared by Pigossi on Instagram... -
Pigossi Stories – Reproduction

Career in theater and television

He began his career at age 13 through theatre, taking a class out of curiosity, where he became enchanted by acting, graduating at age 17. In 2003, he was cast in the Brazilian version of Rebelde Way as Paulo Roberto, which would be shown on SBT, having already recorded three chapters and songs of the musical band in which he would be a part, but the version was disapproved by the Cris Morena Group.

Marco Pigossi speaks, for the first time, about dating an Italian director:

In 2004, he was transferred to TV Globo, was part of the cast of the miniseries Um Só Coração, where he played the revolutionary student Dráusio Marcondes de Souza. In 2007, he participated in Eterna Magia, played Miguel Finnegan. Also in 2007, he played the teenager Bruno in the miniseries Queridos Amigos. In 2009, he played his most successful character, in Caras & Bocas, playing the homosexual character Cássio, who used the two Bordões Choquei! and I’m bubblegum pink.

In 2010, he played a playboy in the remake of Ti Ti Ti, where he played Pedro Luís, eldest son of protagonist Jacques L’Clair (Alexandre Borges). In 2011, he was part of the cast of the plot Fina Estampa in the role of Rafael. In 2012, he was part of the cast of the soap opera Gabriela living Juvenal Leal. In 2013, he played Bento, his first protagonist in the soap opera Sangue Bom.

In 2014, he was quoted to play a role in Geração Brasil, but due to changes in the cast, he was replaced by Fiuk and reassigned to the remake of O Rebu, but had to leave the cast of this soap opera, to replace Caio Castro, in the role of Rafael, protagonist of Boogie Oogie. In 2015, he was cast in the soap opera A Regra do Jogo, playing police officer Dante. In 2017, he played truck driver Zeca in the soap opera of A Força do Querer.

In 2018, he played Nonato in the superseries Onde Nascem os Fortes. Still in 2018, he decides not to renew with TV Globo and signs with Netflix, starring in the Australian series Tidelands in the role of Dylan. In 2020, he will star in the Invisible City series, playing detective Eric.

This article is also available in: Português

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