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The new Rainbow Six Siege operator, the character Flores, is gay. The information came from the game’s own story given by developer Ubisoft, who in the description says he has a husband. With that, he is the first openly homosexual agent within the Siege.

What was supposed to be just a detail related to the character, ended up generating controversy on social networks, since many players made homophobic attacks all over the world, leading important figures on the world stage, such as Parker “INTERRO”, to explain how important the representativeness in games.

“The new Rainbow 6 operator, Flores, is gay – the first openly gay character in the game. It doesn’t matter whether you care about the story or not, since many care. Representation matters. It’s really cool to see so many happy people that a gay character appeared in Rainbow 6 “ – she said.

His words were endorsed by the former Rainbow Six and current caster, Jessica “Jess”, in replying to a comment that said no one should celebrate a particular choice: “It is tiring to exist in a time when we are told how we should or cannot celebrate things. ‘If I were …’ Well, aren’t you? Then why don’t you shut up? You never had to live ‘that choice’ Which is also NOT a choice! “.

New Rainbow Six character is gay and has a husband, says game creator

One of the most retweeted homophobic comments says, “I don’t have a problem with gays, but why bring it to video games? I don’t understand!”, With one of the main answers changing the word “gay” to “straight”: “I don’t I have a problem with straight people, but why bring it to video games? “

The gamer environment is still considered homotransphobic and a study by the GamesRadar channel concluded that, even today, there is very little LGBT representation, even if it is improving. In 2018, Steam’s digital game distribution service had more than 9,000 titles added to its catalog, of which, only 179 games contained LGBT characters and only 8 were protagonists.

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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