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If during a summer afternoon at Rio de Janeiro, temperature can go higher than 40 degrees Celsius, two afternoons spent at Flamengo’s beach sands with 20 handsome guys is way hotter. On February 02 and 03, ten teams disputed the 1st Scruff Beach Volleyball Tournament . The championship was created and organized by SCRUFF, an app known for empowering the LGBT+ community through relationships, events and travel tips. The organization was a partnership between the app and the LendáRios Esporte Clube LGBTI team (@lendariosrj).

While the teams clash didn’t start, the audience had fun throwing dice. In this case, “throwing dice” must be taken literally: two dice shaped pillows were thrown in order to generate an interesting match between two players. Licks, sniffs, bites, kisses, massages and surprises could be matched with the lips, the back of the head, the neck, the thighs, the chest or the butt.

The public only stopped throwing dice when the athletes started to warm up on the arena. A vision of tanned bodies stretching out while Pão de Açúcar is in the background should be listed as Rio de Janeiro’s gay heritage. And it only gets better after the starting whistle for the first match. It was possible to hear deep breaths after each player jumped: the movement of inertia can reveal many interesting things. There were also whispers when the wind discreetly lifted a player’s uniform, hence revealing body parts that should be available in the dice game.

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The colored flag flying next to the net worked as an invitation for Rio de Janeiro’s bystanders to get close to Brazil’s most LGBT+ tournament. The arena ended up being useful for the favorite sport at bars: the flirting game.

With the sun almost setting, the sound got louder and the harmonic atmosphere got intense. The dice game started to happen again; some people played it without even needing the dice. Some couples were formed and many others would still be formed after the event. This has been proven on the next day, some supporters that arrived by themselves showed up accompanied on Sunday in order to celebrate the end of the tournament.

And it truly was a gran finale. The winning team of the 1st Scruff Beach Volleyball Tournament was Copa5, but the spirit of friendship was so great that the feeling of victory was unanimous. The one thing that was left hanging in the air was the public’s excitement to know when the second edition of the championship would be held.

“There will be, for sure, a second edition, the tournament exceeded our expectations and Rio de Janeiro’s climate demands events like this, that, besides hosting encounters, which is SCRUFF’s specialty, also empowers the LGBT community through sports”, says the SCRUFF app’s marketing manager, Renan Sant’ana.

A lot of other activations are scheduled to happen before the 2nd Scruff Beach Volleyball Tournament. “You will still hear a lot from us this month, on the pre-Carnaval. We always update our app’s agenda with exclusive benefits for the users. Hold your breath, SCRUFFers, you will have big surprises”, concludes Renan.

Champions LiGay

SCRUFF also sponsors the Champions LiGay, Brazil’s biggest gay soccer championship. In 2018, more than 250 LGBT+ players participated in the event. . During the two days of the event, about 2 thousand people checked out the games, enjoyed the attractions, the souvenir distribution and, of course, all the kissing. Among the Champions’ veterans, Beescats and Alligaytors (from Rio de Janeiro), Unicorns Brazil, Futeboys FC, Bulls – winners of the Porto Alegre’s edition, in April of this year – and Afronte (from São Paulo), Bharbixas – winner of the Rio de Janeiro’s edition, in November 2017 – (from Belo Horizonte), Bravus (from Brasília), Magia and PampaCats (from Porto Alegre), Capivara (from Curitiba) and Sereyos (from Florianópolis) have been present. Among the rookies are the Karyocas, from Rio de Janeiro, Manotauros, from Belo Horizonte, Diversus, from São Paulo and Barbies, from Goiânia.

2nd Volleyball GayPrix

The LendáRios Esporte Clube team (@lendariosrj) will host, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the 2nd Volleyball GayPrix, which will have the participation of 20 teams, from approximately 9 Brazilian states. The competition will be held from June 20, 2019 to June 23, 2019. Let’s keep an eye on it!

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