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A trail from Prince Alfred Park, Sydney (Australia), was painted with the colors of the rainbow to celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion. The 90m path is next to the “Equality Green”, an area of the park that got its name in honor of the moment when thousands of Australians gathered in 2017 to hear the result of the vote on equal marriage.

“The path represents the progress we have made towards equality and the long way to go before our LGBTIQ communities are free from discrimination”, said the mayor. Clover Moore. “This is a permanent tribute to the time when more than 30,000 Sydney residents gathered to hear the results of the postal survey on equality in marriage on November 15, 2017”, he added.

Jess Scully, Clover Moore and Sydney Alex Greenwich. Credit: Jack Begbie / City of Sydney Credit: Jack Begbie / City of Sydney
Jess Scully, Mayor Clover Moore and Sydney Alex Greenwich. Credit: Jack Begbie / Sydney City

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