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The short film “Magic Secrets “ arrived at Disney+ on December 18th and tells the story of a gay couple, being the first Pixar animation to address the theme. Here in Brazil, the two protagonists were voiced by a gay couple from real life: Lucas Gama and Fernando Mendonça.

Pixar, a Disney subsidiary famous for its animated films such as Toy Story, Cars and others, released “Segredos Mágicos” (“Out” in English) on May 22.

At the time of its release in the United States, the short had repercussions on Twitter under the hashtag #PixarOut, with many praising the animation production company, and many said that they even cried when watching it.

Written and directed by Steven Clay Hunter (Finding Nemo), the story revolves around a young man who wonders whether or not to tell his family that he is gay, as he plans to leave the countryside for the big city to live with his boyfriend. There are kissing scenes between the two lovers.

Previously, there were gay characters in Pixar productions, but they always played secondary roles, such as Finding Dory and also Two Brothers – A Fantastic Journey.

More recently, the movie “Onward” features a lesbian, who comes to comment on his girlfriend. In addition to this, the Disney Channel comedy series Andi Mack also had an LGBT romance last season.

First gay kiss in cartoon.

The first kiss between two men in a Disney cartoon appeared in the “Star Vs The Forces of Evil” animation, airing on Disney XD.

In the episode, entitled “Just Friends”, the characters in the cartoon are in a musical presentation when, during a song, several couples are formed and begin to kiss. Among the formed couples, the scene shows a kiss between two men and then two women also kiss.

In the United States, where the episode has already aired, the repercussions of the first gay kiss were positive and many viewers praised the initiative through social media.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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