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In the early hours of this Sunday (7), during a party of the Globo reality show, the confines of the 21st edition Lucas Penteado and Gilberto starred in the first kiss between two men in “Big Brother Brasil”. In other editions they have already had “pecks”, but without the clearly romantic content. Lucas ended the kiss by saying, “I hope it doesn’t end here.”

Lucas kisses Gilberto, declares himself bisexual, is accused of appropriating the LGBT cause and gives up on BBB 21

However, “the hooking up” began to be questioned by other participants, who saw the kiss as a planned game action by Lucas. “Lucas is using black people to promote himself. First it was a racial agenda and now an LGBT agenda. I don’t talk about my wife and I’m a dyke,” said Lumena to another participant.

Some of the reactions, on video:

Confronted, Lucas commented to the house: “I’m bisexual, can’t you understand that yet? … I’m a black, bisexual, who heard from all sides that it is wrong to get to BBB and open up these ideas there”.

The singer felt upset and packed his bags to leave the program. At the confessional door, Penteado was still the target of Karol Conká, Lumena and Pocah; watch the excerpt:

“I will not be accepted here, I will not be accepted when I get there in my community, I will not be accepted by my friends, I will not be accepted by my family”, said Lucas.

After entering the confessional to ask to leave the program, Penteado’s departure was confirmed by the production itself, live, during the reality show: “You are now 18, remember what you came here to do”.

After the announcement, some confined parties celebrated the decision, justifying having verbally disagreed with the participant in the first week of the program.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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