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An advertising campaign in the United State selected several well-known celebrities to get naked in order to explain to people how to vote by mail in the United States. The highlight goes to the actor Mark Ruffalo, known for being Hulk in Marvel’s movies. Besides him, Chris Rock, Josh Gad and others showed up naked.

The strategy was created because, in the United States, the term “naked ballot” is a reference to ballots that were filled in a wrong way, therefore the vote isn’t counted. Besides Mark Ruffalo and Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Tiffany Haddish, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handdler, Ryan Bathe and Josh Gad also showed up.

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It is worth mentioning that, in 2016, Mark Ruffalo made a commitment to shoot a nude scene in a future movie in case Donald Trump didn’t win the elections. In a video with several artists, Robert Downey Jr said that “Mark’s gonna have his d*** out. Full frontal nude”.

Mark Ruffalo and Chris Rock get naked for the sake of United States' democracy

Gay men “steal” the hashtag #ProudBoys from a right-wing group

North-American gay men couples decided to “steal” the hashtag #ProudBoys, which was was previously directed to a white supremacist and neo-Nazi group, in order to celebrate homoaffective love.

The initiative came up after the first United States presidential debate on September 29, in which Donald Trump refused to condemn attacks from right wing groups and only asked them to “stand back and stand by”, arguing that, as far as he knows, the violent confrontations come from left wing groups.

“(…) I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing, not from the right wing. ” – said Trump at the debate – “Somebody’s got to do something about Antifa [movimento antifascista] and the left because this is not a right-wing problem. ”.

The speech was well received by the extremist group and, according to information gathered by The New York Times (via MAGG), a member said that Trump basically said to go f*** them [os membros do Antifa] up! This makes me so happy .

While another message said“President Trump told the proud boys to stand by because someone needs to deal with ANTIFA… well sir! We’re ready!”.

In response to that, gay men came forward on Twitter to reclaim the hashtag, and one of the pictures with greater repercussion was the one with a kiss between two men from the Canadian Armed Forces, posted by the “Canadian Forces in USA”. Keep reading.

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