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The Government of Paraíba is offering 500 distance education scholarships to users of the LGBT spaces in João Pessoa and Campina Grande and women in prison in women’s prisons.

The action comes from the Secretary of State for Women and Human Diversity (SEMDH), in partnership with the Educa Nexus Education Center and the terms will be published in the Official Gazette this December. The information is from the Portal Correio.

There will be 300 grants for LGBT and 200 for women incarcerated. The Educa Nexus Teaching Center, in turn, operates in Paraíba and promotes training with distance courses for the education of young people and adults, in addition to professional technicians. Scholarships will open for applications at the LGBTs Spaces of João Pessoa and Campina Grande starting on January 4th.

“We made an assessment and we understand that our work for incarcerated women and LGBT people will have a positive impact on the lives of these people. We believe that companies can work together with governments in the field of education with a focus on reducing school dropout and generating employability” , said Alcimar Martins, from Educa Nexus.

Picture: Divulgation/Secom-PB

For the Secretary for Women and Human Diversity, Lídia Moura, the partnership seeks to reduce the school dropout rate of the LGBT population: “The prejudice and discrimination faced by the LGBT population is directly related to school dropout and we need to offer educational alternatives for the population of the State” – he said.

Moura also says that the scholarships offered for re-education of female prisons in Paraíba will be allocated by the State Secretariat for Penitentiary Administration (SEAP), which will register and schedule classes. The operating forecast is February 2021 with university scholarship instructors.

“The courses we are going to offer arrive at a good time and we believe it is an important step towards re-socializing the reeducated women in our state”– explains the secretary.

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