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The evangelical pastor Milton Ribeiro, who currently occupies the position of Minister of Education in Bolsonaro’s government, recently said in an interview to the newspaper Estadão that homosexuality is caused by “dysfunctional families”.

Ribeiro also said that he believes that “the teenagers who most times choose to walk the path of homosexualism (sic) only do it because they don’t have neither their father’s nor their mother’s attention”.

On the last September 25, Humberto Jacques de Medeiros, Deputy Attorney General’s Office, demanded the Federal Supreme Court to open an inquiry to investigate if the Minister of Education had committed a homophobic offence.

The senator Fabiano Contarato (from the Rede-ES party) also said that he will make a request to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) against the pastor: “I am representing to @STF_oficial for the Court to determine that the Attorney General’s Office investigate the Minister of Education for a homophobic offence. A Federal Supreme Court’s understanding already equated homophobic offences to racist offences”, wrote the senator on the last September 24.

The deputy David Miranda (from the PSOL-RJ party) said that he will also open a complaint on the Public Ministry: “The Minister of Education shows all the burden of prejudice and delay in Bolsonaro’s government. Of all people, the Minister of such a strategic portfolio from a nation that claims national sovereignty. This government has medieval elements. I represented to the Prosecution Office against the Minister, he must answer for a homophobic offence”, he said.


Milton Ribeiro is the fourth misfit in the Education portfolio of Bolsonaro’s government in about one year and a half. The pastor of the Presbyterian Church was named in July after Carlos Alberto Decotelli, who never took over the position due to the repercussion caused by the discovery of a series of false informations in his curriculum. Previously, the portfolio was occupied by Abraham Weintraub, who ended up leaving amid tensions with the Federal Supreme Court, after being recorded talking about the Ministers of said Court as lazy bums. The first Minister in the Bolsonaro government was Ricardo Vélez Rodríguez, who left the position in April with a management marked by crises and controversies, for example, the intention of changing the way the 1964 coup and the military dictatorship were portrayed in textbooks.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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