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Highly active on social media, Requião Filho (43), a state congressman from Paraná (Brazil), made a provocation on his Twitter regarding the possibility of opening an OnlyFans profile, a subscription-based platform known for sharing “adult entertainment”.

“I’m thinking about opening an ‘OnlyFans’… to be able to discuss the politics of Paraná with the necessary adjectives, to express the real outrage of the ‘mess’ that it is here”, joked the congressperson.

The statement, made in a playful tone, elicited positive reactions among the followers.. “Open it to show his d***”, @CelsoDossi seconded. “What an interesting idea”, encouraged @DanPimpao.” “I would subscribe,” “We got excited,” “We will be supporting” and“Go for it”, commented other platform users.

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Maurício Thadeu de Mello e Silva, the name behind the public office, is a lawyer and a member of the left party (Partido dos Trabalhadores – PT). Requião Filho is the son of former governor of Paraná in Brazil, Roberto Requião, and has been actively involved in social causes. In the year 2021, he sent a special request for improved attention to victims of homophobia and racism.

“We believe that it is necessary to provide guidance to the public security forces of the State so that our officers can provide the best service to the population of Paraná in Brazil, competently and respectfully, with special attention to the protection of human dignity. It is not easy, often, to have the courage to approach a police station to make a report, especially for victims of violence, transgender individuals, and transvestites.”, the lawyer said this during a session in the Legislative Assembly of Paraná at the time.

Requião Filho, a congressman from Paraná in Brazil, provokes by suggesting an OnlyFans profile.
Requião Filho – Photo: reproduction

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