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Still a child, the Bahian Daniel Jhonny, 35 years old, left his homeland for São Paulo, where he still lives today. Lover of physical activities, he keeps the 78 kg playing various sports.

Recently, Daniel went by photographer Diego Perroni for Mustang Magazine, a project about the male nude where eroticism, human form and art go hand in hand with simplicity and freedom. It is an independent project where the only intention is to show that a body is just a body and that nudity is normal.

“In an age where nudity is still taboo, working on male eroticism ends up becoming a challenge. Not because it portrays something that is natural, but because it eternalizes, shows and reveals the essence of each one of those photographed. At Mustang each model is unique, has values, a life story and something to tell … And that’s exactly where the inspiration for the project’s name came from, it’s about the essence and the need to be free, strong and indomitable. That’s what we want to show, and nudity ends up being just a simple detail in the face of an individual totally stripped of modesty, moralism or prejudice and overflowing with freedom“, says Perroni.

Warning: the magic boy is married, but looking does not take away a piece. ;)

Photo Mustang
Photo: Mustang

What body care do you have?

I love to practice physical activities, such as weight training and running. I try to eat well, as much as possible. I like to see myself in the mirror and wish myself.

What is it like to pose naked and be the target of people’s desires?

I love being desired, it makes me very horny.

Photo: Mustang

Do you use flirting apps?

No, I am married. We always enjoy the look, the human warmth.

What is essential to win you over?

A hot game, fuck! I get crazy.

Photo: Mustang

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This article is also available in: Português Español

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