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“Invisible City”, an original Netflix series that premiered February 5, brings a live action of Brazilian folk legends to the plot. In the work, the pink dolphin draws the attention of the viewer a lot, but not because he turns into a handsome boy and ends up pregnant with married women, but because of the actor who plays him, Victor Sparapane.

victor sparapane
Victor Sparapane playing “Manaus” in Invisible City – Reproduction

The performer of the seductive Manaus, one of the central characters of the plot, saw the success of the series suddenly reflect and won many admirers on social networks. On Instagram, Victor has gained about 10,000 new followers per day and his content already reaches three million impressions on the social network.

Victor Sparapane, the Brazilian actor who became an international sensation
Victor Sparapane – Divulgation

“This work has been incredibly well received by the public and has already surpassed all my expectations, it is very gratifying to see this story reach so many places”, said Victor, who started receiving thousands of messages from different parts of the world.

In addition to admirers on the Internet, Victor drew media attention and photographed for magazines such as Men’s Health in Spain and GQ in France.

Victor Sparapane
Victor Sparapane by Marcelo Auge
Victor Sparapane by Marcelo Auge
Victor Sparapane by Marcelo Auge
Victor Sparapane by Marcelo Auge
Victor Sparapane by Marcelo Auge


Victor started his acting career doing “guerrilla cinema” and, since then, has accumulated great challenges and characters. The actor is known for works such as Malhação (Globo 2012/2013), Novel Jesus (Record 2018), soap opera Jezabel (2019 Record). His participation in biblical soap operas also gained international prominence, mainly in Argentina, Mexico and the United States, where he even signed with the agency ICM Partners to develop his international career in the same agency of names like Samuel L. Jackson and Rodrigo Santoro.

Since 2019, the actor who is already fluent in English, has been taking classes with a language coach and has participated in international auditions. The actor was recently hired by Record TV and will join the cast of the soap opera Genesis in the seventh and final stage of the soap opera.

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