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Today arrives in the cinemas of Spain ” The Human Voice”, short by Pedro Almodóvar starring the English Tilda Swinton. The 30-minute film, shot in English, debuts on the commercial circuit with 110 rooms, worthy of a feature film.

In an interview with Academia de Cine, the director’s younger brother, Agustín Almodóvar, described the work as ”’sophisticated, special and unconventional”.

The film is based on a homonymous play by Jean Cocteau, which inspired the director in the creation of his fearless and passionate female characters throughout his career.

”The short is a kind of theater filmed with enormous freedom in the set design. He is so bold that, suddenly, one leaves the set and sees the whole stage “, says Agustín.

Swinton and Almodóvar on the set of The Human Voice / Cine Academy


Two other shorts will be released to form a trilogy with the Human Voice. One is a dystopia about the disappearance of cinema; the other, a transgressing Western.

And in the field of feature films there are also news. Almodóvar producer El Deseo is already casting the cast for ” Parallel Madres ”. The intention is to shoot it in February and March 2021. Penélope Cruz will be in this love triangle with an actress of 20 years and an actor of 40, not yet chosen.

”Pedro is full of ideas, “says Agustín. “During the [das gravações] closure, he was seized with incredible creative energy and we have to take advantage of the moment. Now all you can’t do is stop, passivity, it’s all the other way around. ”

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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