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In 1921, the “First Congress for Sexual Reform” took place, organized by sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld, which laid the foundation for the foundation of the “World League for Sexual Reform” in 1928. Almost a hundred years later, Rome receives “Outside In”, a work dedicated to drag queen La Karl Du Pigné – iconic activist of the LGBT movement in Italy.

Yourban2030 – reproduction

Opened at the end of last year, Outside In is the first smoke-free mural (neutralizes car pollution) created by Dutch artist JDL (Judith De Leeuw) as a tribute to diversity. Considered the largest eco-friendly mural in Europe, the work covers 250 square meters and is the debut of a series of murals that will be made outdoors with a paint that “consumes” smoke.

The project, born out of a collaboration between Italy, the United States and the Netherlands, is led by Yourban2030, an Italian non-profit organization led by Veronica De Angelis.

Yourban2030 – reproduction – JDL artist

When looking at the magnificent image, some may believe that it is a straight couple, however JDL clarifies: “The mural depicts a woman who looks in the mirror and sees a man in her reflection. I was honored to be involved in reflecting on work dedicated to gender identity in Rome. My goal was to translate and ‘explode’ that emotion using the mural – the struggle to accept who you are ”, says the artist.

Yourban2030 – reproduction

To Frank Ferrante, co-founder of Yourban2030, “Outside In” is a mission born in Stonewall that continues along with that of protecting the environment, being a work of art aimed at raising awareness, feeding the hope and pride of everyone.

The Outside In mural is on display in the San Paolo neighborhood in Rome, and the filmmakers plan to take the project’s proposal to other countries, including Brazil.

Eco-friendly ink reduces pollution

Patented in more than 50 countries with 19 international certifications, Airlite is a technology incorporated into a mineral paint in a totally natural way, therefore, without resorting to chemical substances or biocides. Thanks to the energy of light and the presence of moisture in the air, a barrier of oxidants is created that decomposes harmful organic substances, transforming them into harmless substances.

Yourban2030 – reproduction

Its antibacterial and antiviral properties also combine the ability to reduce toxic pollutants in the air, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including formaldehyde – characteristics so unique that, in 2019, the United Nations officially indicated Airlite as one of the 4 innovations that can make a difference in the fight against atmospheric pollution on the planet.

Yourban2030 – reproduction

The singer Gala collaborated with this article.

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This article is also available in: Português Español

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