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From March 31 to April 3, takes place the third edition of RISCO Festival.. Conceived by multi-artist and curator Natalia Mallo, the initiative occupies several spaces in the city of São Paulo with a focus on artistic risk and dissident art.

Katú Mirim is one of the highlights of the 3rd RISCO Festival (Photo: Reproduction)

According to the organization, RISCO will be an opportunity for people to have contact with daring, challenging and inspiring artistic productions. The entire program is free, except for the party at Studio SP and the closing show, which will have tickets sold at popular prices.

Among the festival’s highlights are the Argentine performance duo Lolo y Lauti, who have been touring the most important visual arts events in Latin America and the world. The duo presents the film “Carmen”, a recreation of Bizet’s opera with a cast of trans women and Latin drag queens. In addition to the film, the artists will perform the “iSEXY” performance, in which they discuss sex, intimacy and virtual reality.

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The film “Carmem” will be presented on Friday (4/03) (Photo: Reproduction)

RISCO also holds two international events focusing on queer art, the 6th International Queer Art Meeting, with artists from different countries, and the QUEER LAB curatorship, focusing on the internationalization of dissident artists from Brazil.

The public will be able to actively participate in the urban intervention to be held on Saturday (4/02), with a meeting point at Parque Augusta.. In this action, lambe-lambes will be distributed throughout the city center with images produced by the Jamaican stylist and trans activist Emani Edwards.

In the musical shows, Fifi Real, Argentine Tango Queer singer, will share the night with Marina Mathey. The official party of the festival, on Friday (4/01), will have a show by the Brazilian Orchestra of Jamaican Music at Studio SP on Rua Augusta. Saturday night (4/02) will be rocked by the DJ Evelyn and the show Glitch by the multi-artist ALI. Another highlight is the indigenous rapper Katú Mirim, who performs at the closing of the festival with the carnival group Explode Coração, which honors Maria Bethânia.

The online programming features French-Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux with content produced especially for the festival and a conversation with Katú Mirim, who is also part of the in-person programming. “RISCO is a festival of dissent, of risk in the artistic sense – we bring artists who can be uncomfortable, but who also have a relationship with pleasure in their art“, points out Natalia Mallo.

Images produced by Emani Edwards will be distributed on Saturday (4/02) (Photo: Reproduction)


RISCO Festival 2022

  • From March 31 to April 3, Thursday to Sunday


  • Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade (Rua Três Rios, 363 – Bom Retiro, São Paulo)
  • Studio SP (Rua Augusta 591 – Consolação – São Paulo)
  • Parque Augusta (R. Augusta, 200 – Consolação, São Paulo)
  • Galeria540 (Rua Mourato Coelho 540 – Vila Madalena – São Paulo)
  • Cervejaria Tarantino (R. Miguel Nelson Bechara, 316 – Zip Code 02712-130, Limão, São Paulo)

Complete programming in:

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