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Diogo Pinto da Silva, a native of the Terena ethnic group, gay, immigrant, Latin and now a producer, will launch his first film production in Hollywood, USA, on March 28. The information is from the G1 MS.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the short film “Deconstructing Val” will reach cinema lovers in another way, online.

Diogo Pinto / Reproduction

From application driver to dishwasher in cafeterias, Diogo’s autobiography would make a film. The actor arrived in Los Angeles three years ago. He left Brazil with the character “Val Brazil”, the protagonist of his film, already structured. After investing unsuccessfully in the dramaturgy scene in Mato Grosso do Sul, Diogo took off to São Paulo, the city in which the main character of his film was born. The actor recalls the trajectory marked by the imposition of prejudices in which he experienced.

“I think the first time I felt at the stage was still in Mato Grosso do Sul when I was doing theater and I tried to audition for a main character, but I didn’t fit the profile, I wasn’t white, blond, heartthrob or anything. As always I liked a movie, I moved to São Paulo “, Diogo told G1 MS.

Diogo explains that he had an opportunity to go to Los Angeles (USA) it was like a longing hug, the actor grasped the idea and continued firmly towards the dream. The artist told G1, that when he arrived in the United States, he already intended to complete the production of his first film.

With the process fixed in mind, thinking about the future, Diogo finished the script for “Deconstructing Val” in English. Because he found the field very competitive, the artist started the “networking” process, at which point he sought contacts with influential people in the scene. After getting the help of a respected screenwriter in the city, Diogo went on to a new stage: raising funds to get the short film off the ground.

The short film tells the story of Val Brazil, played by Diogo Pinto da Silva himself, is a Brazilian performer who dreams of fame in Hollywood, but who sees her life turned upside down after suffering a collective rape planned by the man who promised her marriage and stardom for her.

How to watch

The Brazilian public will be able to participate in the film’s launch event free of charge through the Filmocracy platform. In addition to the release of the short, there will be chat with cast and crew, and discussions about cinema. For that, it is necessary to make a previous registration of an e-mail address that can be sent to, with the subject “Premiere Deconstructing Val”. Places are limited.

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