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After publicizing the films selected for the 28th edition, the MixBrazil Festival opens registrations for the infamous “Gong Show“, one of the most awaited attractions of the event.

Festival Mix Brazil opens registration for 2020 edition of
Festival Mix Brazil opens registration for the 2020 edition of “Gong Show” – Photo: Amanda Clemente

Presented by Marisa Orth, the attraction shows amateur films for the real-time judgment of the auditorium (which this year will be mostly virtual); if the audience booses the production on display, Orth intonates a large gong from the stage so that the film is stopped immediately. The “work” that survives the scrutiny of the public, the jury and Marisa herself, takes the Silver Rabbit trophy.


As the Festival is online this year for security reasons, the “Gong Show” makes its version inspired by Generation Z: with films of up to one minute in the “TikTok” style. The videos must be sent until November 11 to the e-mail

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Watch the call-up video recorded by the actress below:

“Carnavrau”, winner of the Gongo Show in 2018

The Mix Brazil Festival of Culture of Diversity ended the 26th edition of the screening of 12 films at the Gong Show. It was the first time in two decades that three films tied with the maximum score. The tiebreaker elected publicist Vinícius Yamada as the big winner of the Silver Rabbit Festival Mix Brazil award. The video, entitled “carnavrau.ppt“, satirizes films already awarded at the Festival, such as Call Me By Your Name and The Secret of Brokeback Mountain.

Among the competing videos of the edition, there was also the short “Have Blame Me”.

Watch the winning film:

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