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-How much homoeroticism can I expect from the new Gossip Girl?, a fan tweeted to executive producer Joshua Safran.

-Well, considering that we have a lot of queer characters, a lot!, Safran replied.

The footage of the reboot of Gossip Girl started this week in New York, and in addition to the gay novels promised by the producer, we can expect the acid record of the lives and exploits of a new, still young, but much more diverse set of terrors from private schools than Upper East Side, says the magazine Out.

“There wasn’t much representation the first time on the show,” Safran said in a 2019 panel. The only queer main character was Eric Van Der Woodsen, who left in season one.

“This time, the protagonists are not white,” says Safran. “There is a lot of queer content in this show. It is a lot about dealing with the appearance of the world now, where wealth and privileges come from, and how you deal with it. What I cannot say is that there is a twist and that everything it relates to the twist”.


We still don’t know who plays who

Although this new series – which will be on HBO Max in 2021 – takes place about eight years after the first, the central characters still love to recline on the steps of theMetropolitan Museum of Art.

And though none of the original cast appears in the series, nor are their characters related to the new characters, a prep school uniform is a prep school uniform, which means that there is some kind of continuity there.

We are not sure who will play who, but Jordan Alexander, Emily Alyn Lind, Whitney Peak, Thomas Doherty and Zion Moreno, Eli Brown, Evan Mock, Savannah Smith and Zion Morenowill appear in the series. The exchange of tweets only confirms what Safran said earlier about the new series.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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