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“Eremita” (“Hermit”) is the new erotic short film from the Portuguese director Antonio Da Silva, who has already traveled to many countries shooting his works full of sensuality and eroticism. The movie is a poetic monologue, filmed at Serra do Caldeirão, in Algarve (south of Portugal), about an Italian musician who decided to break away from life in the city in order to isolate himself and explore his affinity with nature. He becomes a pastor, a farmer, a gardener, an alchemist and a fertilizer, showing the effects nature has over him.

The Portuguese filmmaker Antonio da Silva releases an online short film; watch

The short film is a little longer than thirteen minutes and can be rented for US$ 6 dollars on the filmmaker’s site.


Living in London, Antonio da Silva, who is 42 years old, doesn’t have a safe haven: with more than 10 years of career, he travels to many countries shooting his sensual movies that focus on male sexuality. The local beauty from several nationalities is always inspiring in his eyes: Mexicans, Cubans, Europeans and, of course, Brazilians. Here in Brazil, he shot some films, one of them being “Brazil Carnival”, that showed all the effervescence in Rio de Janeiro’s revelry, among others quite “calientes”.

Da Silva studied cinema, multimedia, plastic and performing arts, aiming to connect his interest in cinema, performance and visual arts, having completed two master’s degrees in London in these areas. Based on the principle of experimentation, he is always interested in exploring different artistic genres, this becomes evident in movies like “Beach 19”, “Mates” and “Dancers”, the latter without explicit sexual content, but with emphasis on nudity and body expression. Antonio Da Silva’s filmography values the technical and artistic quality, not being just sheer pornography. Read the complete interview with the filmmaker on this link.


Antonio da Silva
Sultan of Filth
Camera: Antonio Da Silva
Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Music: EAP Music Productions, Marçal dos Campos and R Talin
Voice Over: R Talin
Text: excerpts from the lyric “Another World” by Antony and
the Johnsons, Antonio Da Silva and R Talin
Year: 2020
Duration: 13:30
Direct link:

This article is also available in: Português Español

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