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It was during the pandemic that Santa Catarina economist Gean Duarte (34) realized that his life experience could also empower other LGBTQIA+ people. From humble origins, Gean says that he came from extreme poverty and that, through financial education, he can now be proud of his trajectory. In addition to sharing his daily life and learning on social media, the economist developed an educational method called “Rich Bixa”.

“I grew up in Sombrio, in the countryside of Santa Catarina. I have four siblings, and we were extremely poor before my mother was hired as a general services worker at the county school. Later, we became only poor, because at least we had food guaranteed”, recalls the economist.

“We were always very fighters, because we had no other option. At the age of 18, I struggled until I managed to get into university, until I won a scholarship from PROUNI and started studying economics. My mother died when I was 19 years old and the only option I had was to organize my finances or go through trouble”, says Gean.

Gean Duarte - Reproduction
Gean Duarte – Reproduction

Graduated in Economics in 2010 at the University of Criciúma (UNESC), Gean Duarte says he validated Financial Education in his own life and has been inspiring, through the internet, other LGBTs to overcome difficulties and diverse intersectionalities.

“We cannot deny that prejudice and discrimination distance us from certain environments, which are taken by straight men. However, the time has come for us to take the lead and show that we can understand and act in any area”, evaluates the creator of the “Rich Bixa Method”.

The economist is currently a
The economist is currently a “Rich Bixa” – Reproduction/Instagram


In addition to sharing tips and reporting on his experiences on his social media, Gean Duarte created the “Rich Bixa Method” to motivate acceleration towards financial freedom. With a total of seven modules, the economist teaches planning finances to make money, teaches students how to invest according to their goals, addresses the importance of entrepreneurship and provides a tool for business management, talks about how to plan trips and guides the student to rethink their pattern and lifestyle.

“I am an economist and entrepreneur with over 10 years of training and experience. I created Rich Bixa with the purpose of bringing the LGBTQIA+ population closer to Financial Education and Entrepreneurship, because I believe that we should all have access to this knowledge at school”, he signals.

In addition to providing support, support material and a list of exercises, the dynamics of the method created by Gean consists of the financial evolution in a four-step route, namely “Indebted Bixa”, “Poor Bixa”, “Rich Bixa” and “Millionaire Bixa”. He explains:

“In the ‘Indebted Bixa’ phase, it is when you cannot keep anything you receive, you live to pay bills and interest on debts. In ‘Poor Bixa’, it is normal to go through some financial restrictions, but the focus is to build the Emergency Reserve so you don’t go through more troubles in life. The ‘Rich Bixa’ stage is the most enjoyable, because that’s when we start to get our dreams out of our minds and make them come true together with financial planning. And the last one, ‘Millionaire Bixa’, the income from investments is enough to pay the cost of living, where you only work for pleasure and purpose.”

Method created by Gean consists of financial evolution in a four-step route

Currently on the “Rich Bixa Level 3” scale of his Rich Bixa Method, Gean says that he started out as a “Poor Bixa Level 1” and that he already has a scheduled date to become a “Bixa Millionaire”, according to his projection in the “Millionaire Bixa Spreadsheet”.

Duarte also makes it clear that there are no magic formulas and miraculous investments: “The Rich Bixa Method is a complete guide to learn, once and for all, to master your finances and evolve along the path of financial life. However, you have to do your part and respect the steps and process. Many of my students discovered a world of possibilities and opportunities, and today they have a peaceful life in relation to their finances because they dedicated themselves and sought to apply the knowledge acquired through the Method”..

“The Rich Bixa believes that the solution to many of the social problems is Education, because knowledge is the most powerful weapon there is. Therefore, the projects developed in partnership with the students and the resources destined to the entities will directly contribute to the reduction of social inequality and, consequently, to the fight against homophobia and prejudice”, he ends.

For people interested in the “Rich Bixa Method”: On Instagram, the economist maintains the profile @geanduarte.

Gean Duarte – Reproduction

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