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The presenter of SBT Minas Gerais, Israel Cassol, will be the first gay Brazilian to pose for the cover ofPlayboy magazine.. The influencer wants to use the opportunity to protest on behalf of the LGBTQIA+community.

“I need to give a voice to the LGBT+ community, we live in a country that kills a transsexual every 23 hours, according to the information we have”,, said the presenter. Israel also wants to warn other men about andropause, a subject considered taboo for him until then. “I was happy to hear that Playboy heard my story and was interested in me”, he celebrated.

(Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram)

In recent weeks, Israel has been featured in the main tabloids in the world, such as the North American New York Post and the British Daily Mail, when talking about male andropause. At 40 years old, the presenter told how the situation almost ruined his marriage and what he has been doing to deal with this moment.

“I remember being on cloud nine after my 40th birthday. It’s an age I believe we all fear a little. But as it got closer, I started to get excited about the milestone,” he told the Daily Mail.

(Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram)

After the celebrations, Israel began to feel a “sense of sadness”. Then came loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, difficulty sleeping and increased fatigue, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

The presenter was diagnosed with the early stages of andropause, something he didn’t know existed. “It made perfect sense when the doctors told me the possibility that I was going through andropause,” he said.

The Brazilian magazine, which already had celebrities like Xuxa Meneghel and Vera Fischer, stopped circulating in Brazil in 2015 and was successful in its 451 covers. Israel signed to debut the March cover of the Swedish edition. Recently, the US edition put the first gay model in its edition.

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