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Orthodox Israeli rabbi Daniel Asor posted on a social network that the Covid-19 vaccine “can make you gay”. The information came from the Israel Hayom channel.

“Any vaccine using an embryonic substrate, and we have evidence of that, can cause opposite trends.”– he said, adding that there is a “malice of the global government” that includes Bill Gates and the Illuminates to spread the virus and, perhaps, turn all people into gays.

In response, the organization that defends LGBTQIA+ rights in Israel, Havruta, said in a sarcastic tone that it is “preparing to welcome new members”.

There was a fake news spread by the international community that the vaccine against covid-19 was made from aborted fetuses. However, even if it were, the Jewish organization that defends Australia’s LGBTQIA+ rights, Aleph Melbeourne, said it is “ridiculous” to say that a person could “become” homosexual.

“This is as ridiculous as saying that a person who eats canned fish can become pregnant” – said Michael Barnett, a member of the organization – “It is alarming to hear something so ignorant and meaningless being announced by a Rabbi to his community, especially in the middle of a pandemic “.

Israel is one of the countries that is most able to vaccinate the largest number of people in the shortest time when compared to anywhere in the world. The country’s authorities are very efficient in vaccination.

Actors Johnny Rapid and Gabriel Cross playing doctor Play / vaccine
Actors Johnny Rapid and Gabriel Cross playing doctor Play /


It is worth remembering that here in Brazil there was an evangelical and scholarship pastor named Davi Goés who was recently summoned to testify by the Public Ministry of Ceará for saying that the vaccine would cause cancer and had “HIV inside it”.

“You will not feel anything, but after a while, diseases will appear” – said the religious at the time – “Many people will die of cancer thinking that it was because they ate something, because it was hereditary, but in fact it is because of the vaccine “ – he adds, adding also the lying information that no country in the world is buying the Chinese vaccine. Keep reading.

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