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On the last Saturday, actor Igor Cosso, who plays Júnior on the soap opera Salve-se Quem Puder (on Globo Network), revealed he is gay on his Instagram. Cosso even said that he lost 4 thousand followers after his coming out, dropping to 380 thousand followers.

“Since I’m losing followers, here’s a clearer and more beautiful picture of me, full of love. :) (thanks for the good energy! Let us be happy and proud of ourselves, always!)”, he wrote on the caption of a post in which he introduces his boyfriend.


On the other hand, from Sunday to the early evening of last Tuesday, Igor gained 100 thousand followers. The actor made a point to let his 480 thousand followers know it with a celebrating post in which he dubbed the Brazilian meme “Wasn’t he gay?”.

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NERA??? (Pra comemorar os 100k que chegaram)

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On his Twitter, Igor said that he hadn’t come out before due to his fear of losing work. “It seems like I took an important step for myself today”, he wrote. “May I be an example of character, courage and freedom for everyone who follow my work as an actor. Let there be work, because this has always been my fear, actually” , he continued. “I’m aware of my privileges within the LGBTQIA+ acronym as a standard white cis male and I hope to use them to bring more respect, voice and empathy for everyone” , he finished.

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