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Big Brother Portugal, broadcast on TVI, was the subject of a regrettable controversy last Thursday (28). Hélder Teixeira, a participant in the Double Impact version of reality, which brings together figures who have been on the program in previous editions, was the author of sexist and homophobic injuries on camera. As if that were not enough, the Portuguese reproduced Nazi movements and salutations. The BBP production briefly expelled the criminal, live.


Needless to say, Adolf Hitler, leader of the German Nazi Party, was the greatest genocide of the 20th century, responsible for the largest armed confrontation in the world, the Second World War. Hitler was motivated by xenophobic feelings, especially towards the Jewish people, and Aryans – who preach the supremacy of the white race.

At one point during the recordings, while Hélder fabricated the bizarre scene, Helena, one of the colleagues participating in the show, addressed him: “Lower your arm. Don’t do this, this is terrible.”

Hélder continued to perform the movements and Helena continued: “Hélder, that was the worst person who has gone through our history.”

As is natural on the part of supporters of Nazi ideology, Hélder dismissed the criticism, in an ironic tone: “It is nothing serious, it is part of history.”

After the participant’s indefensible posture, the “Big Boss” returned to the house to announce Hélder’s expulsion, pointing out the serious violation and insult to human rights committed by the Portuguese and reinforcing that the attitude is not corroborated by the broadcaster that broadcasts the reality.

“There are themes that we can never play with, at the risk of devaluing or trivializing them. The gesture you made symbolizes millions of dead. Mais sobre gesture Hélder knows better than anyone the importance of words and gestures in Big Brother. For all that, Hélder, you are no longer welcome in my house. He is expelled from the Double Impact. You can say goodbye to your companions and leave my house. “

Check out the video:

This article is also available in: Português Español

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