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After saying that Covid-19 vaccine can turn a person into an alligator, Jair Bolsonaro read in his live from October 21, 2021 alleged official UK government reports suggesting that people fully immunized against Covid-19 develop Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is false. The information comes from G1.

The message, posted on the conspiracy website, says: “A comparison of official government reports suggests that the fully vaccinated are developing Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome much faster than anticipated.”

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The G1 contacted the UK Department of Health and Welfare, which claimed that the publication was from a website that propagates “fake news”. Zahraa Vindhani, communications officer for the UK Health Security Agency, also claims that “Covid-19 vaccines do not cause AIDS.” “AIDS is caused by HIV.”

According to Letícia Sarturi, a master’s in immunology from USP and a doctorate in biosciences and pathophysiology from the State University of Maringá and full professor at the Universidade Paulista, she points out inconsistencies in the text.

Bolsonaro says he believes in fake news that vaccinated people developed AIDS

“The article talks about a possible reduction in immunity and degradation of the immune system, which is due to a possible deficiency, but it doesn’t mention at any time how those results were reached. At no time do you know how the percentage of immunity was measured. Because we don’t measure the percentage of immunity.

“In immunology, we can measure the antibody titer, that is, how many antibodies are being produced. You can measure the immune cell response by how many CD8 T and CD4 T cells are targeted against viruses. You can measure this, count how many cells you have, you can titrate the level of antibodies the patient has. So, you can do this sort of thing in a research. But you can’t give a percentage of immunity, because immunity is a very subjective thing.

So you can’t say, ‘This person has so much immunity.’ You can gauge some parameters of the immune system, you can gauge cellular immunity by how many cells respond. You can measure humoral immunity by the level of antibodies that are there in the body, but there is no way to calculate the percentage of immunity. That’s absurd. The text does not say at any time how this was calculated, which methodology was used to arrive at a percentage. Even more so this weekly loss of immunity, this is very strange”, she says.

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