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The Ministry of Health published a note explaining that there was a suspension of sample collections for genotyping tests for HIV, AIDS and viral hepatitis by the Unified Health System (SUS). The test is essential to define the most appropriate treatment for those who develop resistance to medication. The information came from Isto É.

This happened because the contract with the company he carried out expired in November 2019 and, only on October 7 of the year cited, the ministry held a bid to find a new service provider. The winning company did not attach all the documents required by the public notice and, therefore, there was a suspension. On December 8 there will be a new trading session and if the winner goes through the whole bureaucratic process, there is an expectation that the service will return in January.

To minimize the damage, children under 12 and pregnant women living with HIV / AIDS will continue to have the tests. As for patients living with hepatitis C, they should receive velpatasvir and sofosbuvir, which do not require genotyping.

Government suspends tests for HIV, AIDS and viral hepatitis by SUS

Wanted by the Isto É report, Professor of Infectology at the Federal University of São Paulo (USP) and a member of the SBI, Paulo Abrão, says that the lack of the exam can “seriously” compromise the health of HIV patients, stating that planning is necessary to avoid discontinuities of services of this type.

It is worth remembering that in February of this year, Jair Bolsonaro told the press in Brasília that a person with the HIV virus ends up being an “expense for everyone in Brazil”.

“Alexandre Garcia [ex-jornalista e apresentador da Globo] commented that his wife, who is an obstetrician, attended to a woman who had her first child at 12, the second at 15 and the third was already with HIV. A person with HIV, in addition to having a serious problem for them, is an expense for everyone here in Brazil “, said Bolsonaro at the time.

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