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ANTRA, the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals, through its official Instagram account, highlighted that Carolina Iara is the first intersex person elected as a co-alderwoman in São Paulo. Self-declared as a self-declare “intersex, transvestite, positHIVe and black woman”, Carolina Iara said that she is properly sworn in due to the 46,267 votes she received through the collective candidacy Bancada Feminista (PSOL).

Carolina Iara was born on December 31, 1992, at a time when there was few information about the plurality of bodies and intersexuals were called “hermaphrodites”. Since then, she has undergone several sex reassignment surgeries or “mutilations”, as she says in an interview with

“I have no information about what they did to me when I was a baby, but I have information about what they did after: two major surgeries at 6 and 12 years old. Surgeries, which I usually play with, reassigned me in childhood, because they were surgeries for sexual reassignment in childhood. They do three per week here in a hospital in Jabauqara, in São Paulo, while trans adult people spend ten years in line “ – said Carolina.

Carolina Iara is the first intersex person to graduate from the São Paulo City Council

“At the time of the post-operative, at the time of removing stitches, I was going to cry, but the doctors told me that they did the surgery to make me ‘become a man’. Imagine procedures with a probe in your genitals without any type of local anesthesia and the child not being able to cry? It is a very painful thing. It is a trauma, a genital mutilation that I will remember forever. Nothing they do will restore me, compensate me. But we redefine the pain “ – say.

She also says that, from 14 to 15 years old, she descovered herself as a transvestite: “I knew it was not this body that people wanted me to be. I did not correspond to anything they demanded of black masculinity, which is a super racist concept” – he says – “Transvestite was the only place I found to answer that demand from my body”.

In the city council, Carolina Iara says she intends to raise the agenda related to LGBTs people, especially to trans and intersex people.

“The health agenda for LGBTs people, mainly trans and intersex, on my part, as a subject, are the main guidelines, in addition to the agenda of blackness as well. Despite not having been institutionally part of the March of Black Women, that did more it was Paula, I had this foray into various things in the black movements” – say.

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