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The show Chá dos 5, famous on Youtube, will premiere on open TV on Thursday, October 1. The channel will be TV8 Brasil, from São Paulo, and the show will also air on the internet, on the hosts’ official channel, as well as on the television channel’s website.

Originated in 2015 on YouTube, Chá dos 5 discusses themes that aim to be reflected upon, to deconstruct, to resignify and to reinvent, the show has the LGBTQIA+ community as its target audience, in both its range and its individuality, also affecting those around them. The change to television aims to extend the range and to deliver its content to a new audience, focusing on the transformation of perception, values, discourse and respect towards diversity.

The show will be hosted by Marcell Figueira, Rafael Bolacha, Tiago Marinho and Renato Plotegher, besides a fifth guest per episode, who will be called “the tea’s 5th flavor” , hence why the show has this name.


In this new phase, the slogan has been adapted to “O Chá está servido para todes” (a Brazilian gender neutral way of saying “the tea has been served to everyone”), in attention to the non-binary language. On the cards used by the hosts is printed the “The Progress Flag”, the updated version of the LGBT+ flag, including the trans flag colors and the racial perspective.

The television version of the show has a partnership with Comti Comunicação and the direction is on account of Matheus Faro, who is part of the team since the pilot episode. The production assistant and photographer, Rafael Petri continues to do the honors. He signs the promotional images.

Besides television, the hosts will open a weekly virtual space on Instagram every Thursday, an hour before the show starts, and will feature random livestreams throughout the week. In addition to that, they also created a group on Telegram.

Chá dos 5 premieres on open TV


  • Chá dos 5
  • Where? TV8 and Chá dos 5’s channel on YouTube
  • When? Every Thursday, at 11:15 p.m.

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