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Californian actor Charlie Carver, who debuted on TV with “Desperate Housewives” in an interview with Variety, reported that the other gay actor assaulted him at a post-Emmy party in 2015 because he looked “effeminate”.

“He told me that I needed to be ‘under control’ because I was around business people [do showbizz de Hollywood]”, said Carver, who also starred in Teen Wolf. Upon leaving the party, while waiting for his car, Carver went to confront the former co-worker about the invasive comment. That’s when Charlie Carver says he got slapped: “It was not playful. It was intentional, direct and instructive. A slap. I told him that if he touched me again I would expose what he did “, said the actor in the interview. This episode gave him the strength to come out in January 2016.

Charlie Carver says another gay actor hit him for being too
Charlie Carver says another gay actor hit him for being too “effeminate” – Reproduction


Charlie, who has a twin brother, said that as a teenager he noticed some big differences between his personality and that of his brother. He recalls that he loved wearing his mother’s makeup and dresses, something his brother did not do. He says he also learned, at age 11, that his father was gay – and that was the reason for the divorce.

Carver says that when he was ready to declare himself gay to his friends and family, his father and brother confessed that they already knew: “The complicated thing was my mother because of the pain she experienced in the divorce”, he said.

The Charlie Brothers – Reproduction

This year, Charlie Carver participates in two Ryan Murphy productions on Netflix, “Ratched” and The Boys In The Band, which has names like Zachary Quinto, Andrew Rannells, Charlie Carver, Brian Hutchison, Michael Benjamin Washington, Robin de Jesus and Tuc Watkins.

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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