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In Mexico, the traditional chips brand Doritos showed their support for the LGBTQIA+ cause through an ad. Produced by Slap Buenos Aires, the video is called “El mejor regalo” (The best gift) and is part of the #PrideAllYear initiative.

Based on a real story, the ad shows a father who seeks help to deal with the sexual orientation of his son, who doesn’t have the courage to come out to him. “I am a 52-year-old divorced man, a father and I need help. My son and his friend are a couple and they don’t have the courage to tell me that”. The ad ends with the father getting close to his son and telling him that he accepts him and love him the way he is, then they hug.

“We are proud of the results we have accomplished with Doritos Rainbow. We believe this is the right moment to show that our commitment goes beyond the celebrations that took place in June”, says Eduardo Córdoba, Doritos Mexico marketing direction, making a reference to June 28, when the International LGBTQIA+ Pride Day is celebrated.

Doritos has a history of support to the LGBT cause, with the launching of Doritos Rainbow taking place in the United States and in Mexico in 2015. At the time, they launched their chips with the LGBT pride flag colours, seeking to support the cause. In 2017, this version arrived in Brazil with an ad that addressed gender and sexuality inclusion.

At the time, the Vice-President of Marketing of PepsiCo in Brasil, Daniela Cachich, said: “Doritos’ essence resides in questioning patterns and breaking the logic of things. It is a brand that believes in the strength of those who dare to be themselves, regardless of what the society might indicate as the status quo. Doritos Rainbow summarizes our desire to contribute to a more and more diverse society, with individuals who feel free and empowered to be who they really are”.

Information taken from Gay Times.

Doritos Mexico launches an ad campaign that supports the LGBTQIA+ cause

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