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On his Instagram, the American model and influencer Barrett Pall criticized people who traveled during the end of the year to enjoy parties and gather. Pall notes that it is the privilege of white cisgender people and is a “class, ableist and racist” act that creates chaos for the health system.

Just as many here in Brazil traveled to Rio de Janeiro, hundreds of Americans went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to party on boats and resorts. In a video, Pall said there are no more unoccupied ICU beds in San Diego and drew attention to the increasingly worse situation in Los Angeles, where COVID-19 cases are on the rise. Barrett also reports that there is a lack of oxygen (medicinal, in cylinders) in Los Angeles and hospitals are like war zones.

“This is what the actions of a select group of people, gay and straight, have caused in the world”, he said. “Your actions hold weight, and so while I’m not here to shame you, I’m here to show you what you have done. ou are actually causing physical problems in this world to other people because of your actions if you are choosing to travel during the pandemic, point blank, period”, continued. “Now, if you’re choosing to travel and then go to a circuit party, you’re literally saying ‘I don’t give a f*ck’, and your privilege is out of control. As someone who exists in the same space as a lot of you white gay cis men, I’m here to show you that your privilege is not untouchable”, he argued. “This is classist, this is ableist, this is racist. And it’s not fu*king cool”, he pointed out.

Barrett Pall noted that much of the world is being devastated by the rapid rise in COVID-19 rates and said the virus is not unrealistic. “We all have quarantine fatigue. I am over this, I want to go and travel, that was a huge part of my career. I want to go and have sex and not be worried about it also. We’re all in this boat together”, he said.

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This article is also available in: Português Español

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