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The mayor ACM Neto sanctioned, on the last 14th of October, the law nº 291/17 that determines that the establishments that discriminate LGBTQIA+ people in Salvador are punished. The fine can vary from R$ 10,000 to R$ 100,000, and the license may be revoked.

The bill is by city councilor Aladilce Souza (PCdoB) and was approved two years ago in the Chamber of Salvador. She also pays homage to the trans man Thadeu Nascimento, known as “Teu”, who was murdered at the age of 24 inside his home in Salvador.

“It is a great achievement of Salvador against LGBT+ phobia” – celebrates Aladilce“After the project was presented, it was two years of a lot of struggle and debate, within the scope of the commissions and in the plenary, so that we could approve it. This victory was the result of the struggle with social movements like UNA LGBT”, highlights the councilwoman.

Establishments that discriminate against LGBTQIA+ in Salvador will pay a fine of up to R$ 100 thousand

“It was a year in the Constitution and Justice Commission, another year in the Budget and Inspection Commission, going through several amendments. An intense debate in the Chamber and in society, which was fully involved”, recalls Aladilce, also saying that “This is an important victory against prejudice, which speaks in favor of human rights and in favor of people. Each has their right to be and to exist. And we will closely monitor this achievement”.

It is worth saying that the death of Thadeu Nascimento in 2017 caused great repercussions at the time. Two cis men were provisionally arrested on charges of killing him and, according to information, Thadeus was mistaken for an informant who denounced drug trafficking in the Cajazeiras neighborhood 3.

The IML concluded that the body had several perforations caused by a firearm in the head and chest, in addition to signs of physical aggression, and the death was due to internal and external hemorrhage due to polytrauma by multiple firearm projectiles.

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This article is also available in: Português Español

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