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Closed since March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Fosfobox Nightclub, previously located at Siqueira Campos Street, in Copacabana, will move to a new address: the Urban Activation Center’s shed, at Santo Cristo neighborhood. The new phase of the traditional Rio de Janeiro’s nightclub is a product of the partnership between the club’s idealizers, Cabbet Araújo and Felipe Travassos, and Hiroshi Shibuya, from the Urban Activation Center.

“Fosfo will come back soon with innovations, new formats and new characteristics. It is not the end, but a reinvention. Fosfo has been studying new possibilities and is looking for a new place. Meanwhile, it is preparing itself for a new summer season with a lot of innovations and spoilers about what its new version is going to be like. The Urban Activation Center merges with Fosfo for the development of this new place and other initiatives that will be announced soon”, Hiroshi says (via Diário do Rio).

Fosfobox won't take place in Copacabana anymore

The former address has been used as a organic products supply center, hence the reason for its survival during the crisis. Along with the change, Cabbet plans to expand the business. Meanwhile, the DJs used the former place to broadcast livestreams.

Due to the confinement, we started to realize how some things from our daily routine are more essential than we had thought. Among them, the music. It would be a lot harder to go through this complicated moment without a good soundtrack that made us shut off from the real world for a while, as hard as that might be. With this in mind, Fosfobox and Me Gusta Producer joined forces and prepared a stream to try and lessen the longing of those who, like the rest of us, long for a well-clustered party. Take care, because the more we do our own part, the faster we will be able to dance close to a sound box!” – says a post on Fosfobox’s official fan page from September 12.

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