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“It is precisely in this period of emergency and pandemic that we believe that we LGBT+ (gay, bisexual and trans lesbian) can no longer delegate our requests to others and at the same time can be a proactive force for the country.” That is why today the ‘Gay Party’ for LGBT+ rights is born, explained Fabrizio Marrazzo to HuffPost Italia.

A party defined as “supportive, environmentalist and liberal” and “which has the ambition to participate in the next administrative offices in the spring in various parts of the country and then be present in Parliament”.

The new political party was presented on Thursday (19) at a press conference by Fabrizio Marrazzo, spokesman for the party, Claudia Toscano, a former activist for Agedo (an association of LGBT parents, relatives and friends) and Vittorio Tarquini, a young trans activist.

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LGBT people are 12.8% in Italy

The symbol with the name of the party is a reference to the colors of the rainbow. Studies carried out by EuroMediaResearch indicate that the LGBT community is equivalent to 12.8% of the Italian population and “the surveys tell us that a party like ours – the spokesman highlights – can aspire to percentages ranging from 6% to 15%” .

The foundations of the party

Marrazzo then enumerates the cornerstones: “we want a society: solidarity, not understood as social assistance, but as support to start over, but without leaving anyone alone; Environmentalist, for an environment as a resource because the environment, business and work must progress together and not opposites; Liberal, because in any family we are born in, everyone must aspire to be able to achieve their goals, thanks to a State that must give opportunities and not bureaucracy and taxes that end up in waste, mismanagement and corruption ”.

Marrazzo recalls that “the UN stated that our community will be among the most affected by the economic crisis caused by Covid, because in fact we do not have adequate safeguards” and complains that the requests of the LGBT+ community “have not been heard for a long time, as has also happened recently” .

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