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Forever I Am, the first NGO in Brazil focused on the elderly LGBT person, who arrived in August 2020 in the city of Florianópolis, launches on November 4 the audio novel Aquarius. The launch and chapters can be followed for free via Google Meets at 7:30 pm.

Scripted by Celso Rabetti, who is the director responsible for the NGO Forever I Am in Santa Catarina, and Mariza Pinto, the audio soap opera will have 10 episodes of eight minutes each and takes place inside the Residential Aquarius – ILPI (Long-Term Institution for the Elderly), managed by an NGO.

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Rabetti anticipates a little of the plot that takes place in the year 2030 in a residential for the elderly that is going through a moment of transformation, with the entry of a new manager.

“New rules of coexistence are imposed on the elderly. But not all accept them. The obligatory wearing of uniforms is the trigger of a war that is starting”, says Rabetti.

The cast is made up of 19 members of the NGO and, following the rules of social isolation, all did the recording of audio at home using their own cell phones.

After this stage of recording, which started in June of this year, the editing process was carried out, with the insertion of sound effects, in the same way that they were used in the old radio soap operas.

Rabetti also says that inspired by the soap opera radio format, the project will be presented publicly in the soap opera audio format, and there is also the possibility of expanding its dissemination on other digital platforms, such as Youtube and Spotify.

Forever I Am is a non-profit association that started work in 2017 in the city of São Paulo with the objective of acting on behalf of LGBT elderly people by implementing services and projects aimed at psychosocial care for this population.


Audio Novel “Aquarius”
Release date: November 4, 2020
Time 7:30 pm
Location: through the link
Free Event

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