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The mayor of the Mexican city of Mepetec, Gaby Gamboa, inaugurated on April 3, a specific police station to protect LGBTQIA+ entitled to two themed vehicles. The information came from the mayor’s official Twitter.

In Brazil, police stations specializing in resolving cases aimed at LGBTQIA+ have been around for years, but the service is unprecedented in Mexico.

“We will ensure that the LGBT collective receives dignified, equal and non-discriminatory police assistance. In Metepec, we defend the inclusion and the right of all peoplesaid the mayor, who also clarifies that everyone who works at the police station has undergone training to welcome LGBTs.

It is worth remembering that in Mexico City, the self-declared effeminate gay, Javier Berain, assumed the command post of the police department.

Mexican city opens LGBTQIA+ police station

Police try to inhibit gay kissing on Mexico beach, but give in after pressure from bathers

A couple of foreign men were caught by the police in Tulum, Mexico, for kissing on the beach. The incident was filmed by TikToker Martiza Escalante, who was at the scene at the same time.

“The policemen came close to young foreigners” – she said in the posted video – “After twenty minutes, a patrol car arrived and handcuffed them”.

@maaaritza LA POLICÍA EN QUINTANA ROO ES HOMOFÓBICA #xyzbca #fyp #lgbt🏳️‍🌈 #🏳️‍🌈 #quintanaroo ♬ sonido original – Maritza Escalante

In the video above, bathers did not agree with the police officers’ decision and shouted “They are not committing any crime”, accusing the police of being homophobic.

The international LGBT rights organization Out Right took a stand on the matter:

“Mexico has made a lot of progress on LGBTIQ issues; however, there are still barriers to achieving LGBTIQ equality (…) The Catholic Church has a significant impact on social and cultural norms around gender and sexuality, and many anti-Catholic groups LGBTIQ are opposed to legislation and striving for no equality for LGBTIQ people. Despite these challenges, Mexicans LGBTIQ are experiencing increasing acceptance and visibility, especially in urban centers and by the younger generations “.

With information from Queerty

Gay male couple handcuffed by police on the beach in Tulum, Mexico

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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