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The inmates of one of the Social Reintegration Centers (Cerezo), located in Mexico, opened an account with OnlyFans with a monthly subscription of R$ 34 (100 pesos). The information is from the El Heraldo de Mexico channel.

As is to be expected, the detainees promise to publish erotic content from inside the prison, including nude photos and also the relationships between them.

It is not known where prisoners are publishing their content, considering that cell phones are not allowed in detention houses and are therefore being investigated by the police.

Mexican inmates open an account at OnlyFans
Mexican inmates open an account at OnlyFans

OnlyFans banned all sex videos made in public places

The adult content channel OnlyFans banned all videos made in a public place to follow the updated terms in mid-February. The information is from Pink News.

In an interview with the creators on the Vice channel, the platform continues to accept nudity, but is only allowed in “private territory”.

The platform also said that creators must prove to the platform that they own the space where they shot the video or have permission from the owner. In addition, other banned content includes “incest, necrophilia, urine, prostitution and revenge porn”.

The novelty did not please many professionals who use the platform as a means of survival. Adult content creator Aspen Eden said by email to Vice that a video of her was pulled from OnlyFans on March 13.

“All of my content was created on private property, isolated areas deep in mountains, deserts or national forests. None of my content was done in a public area with people walking with a chance of getting caught. Neither parking lots, nor busy streets or parks”– he said.

In the United States, each state has different laws of what is considered obscene or not and what it can and cannot do in public space. For Eden, this means that OnlyFans must be looking to appease banks, considering that there is a lot of debate about payment processes due to confusing transaction rules.

This means that, even with high fees paid by adult content sites, including OnlyFans, they are considered “high risk” for banks, which can be a problem, as there are several types of sexually explicit content that are crimes.

Last year, credit card companies Master Card and Visa broke their bond with Pornhub, blocking consumers from using their cards to make payments, after accusations that the platform held illegal content.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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