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This Sunday, the MixBrasil Festival held the traditional closing ceremony and announced the winners of its 28th edition.

Check out the winners:


Golden Rabbit – Jury Prize of the Competitive Exhibition Brazil

  • 🏆 Best Brazilian Short Film: A MORDIDA, by Pedro Neves Marques
  • 🏆 Best Brazilian Feature Film: VALENTINA, by Cássio Pereira Dos Santos

INCENTIVE: The feature film and short film awarded with the Golden Rabbit will also receive the DOTCINE, CTAV and MISTIKA awards for encouraging the realization of their new audiovisual projects through the partnership of Festival Mix Brasil with supporters from the cinema area.

Silver Rabbit – Jury Prize of the Competitive Exhibition Brazil for Short Films

  • 🏆 Direção Best Direction: Victor di Marco and Márcio Picoli, for WHAT CAN A BODY?
  • 🏆 Best Screenplay: Matheus Farias and Enock Carvalho, by INABITÁVEL
  • 🏆 Best Interpretation: Luciana Souza, by INABITÁVEL
  • 🏆 Honorable Mention: Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, INABITABLE

Golden Rabbit – Jury Prize of the Brazil Competitive Exhibition for Feature Films

  • 🏆 Best Direction: Coraci Ruiz, by LIMIAR
  • 🏆 Best Screenplay: Cássio Pereira Dos Santos, by VALENTINA
  • 🏆 Melhor Interpretação: Thiessa Woinbackk, por VALENTINA
  • 🏆 Honorable Mention: DERICK’S MOTHERS, by Give Kelm

Silver Rabbit – Audience Award


🏆 Golden Rabbit – Dramatic Award – Jury: THE WARDROBE NORMANDO, by Janaina Leite

🏆 Honorable Mention: MINI-BIUs, BILs, BIOs, by Andreya Sá, Carlos Jordão

🏆 Silver Rabbit – Dramatic Award – Audience: RAINHA, by Guilherme Gonzalez


🏆 Ícone Mix Icon Award: Marcia Pantera

🏆 Mix Literary Award: LETTERS TO LUÍSA, by Maria Freitas

🏆 Honorable Mention Literary Mix: PANACEIA, by Cecília Floresta

🏆Caio Fernando Abreu Literature Award: ALAGOAS AZUL, by Bruno Coelho

🏆 Suzy Capó Award: Wallie Ruy, for the play WONDER! COMES TO HEAVY BAR

🏆 Show do Gongo Award: LIPSYNC FOR YOUR LIFE, by Glauber Rodrigues

🏆 Ida Feldman Award: Roberto Polastri

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