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Singer Pabllo Vittar received a tribute from the British government and is now on the list of five innovations the UK has brought to the world for her presentation to Queen Elizabeth during the event promoted by the United Nations (UN) in 2019. The information came from the Twitter profile of the Office for Development for the Commonwealth and Foreign Affairs (FCDO).

Vittar‘s show took place in New York and, at the time, she said “Thank you United Nations and Global Citizen for the invitation, which was an honor. There will be a f4g at the UN, yes!”. The Brazilian drag was chosen to celebrate the monarch’s 93 years.

The presentation lasted about 20 minutes and she sang the songs “Problema Seu” and “Corpo Sensual”. The event also took the opportunity to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, considered a milestone in the fight for LGBT rights.

It is worth remembering that drag participated in a debate promoted by Nestlé that debated diversity within the sport, with the mediation of journalist Fernanda Gentil and ex-libero of the Brazilian men’s volleyball team, Serginho. In this, Pabllo Vittar recalls his training as an artist and said that dance was a key factor in his career.

“I started taking dance lessons with a teacher at school, on Saturdays, and then at a community center, where I did ballet and gymnastics. I also danced a lot with my sisters on the sidewalk in front of our house, and it all gave me confidence to be here today. And I bring everything I learned with dance to my career, in my videos, and I encourage people to also dance, have fun and express themselves.

I was very happy with the news that dance became an Olympic sport and I am already looking forward to watching how this dance frill will be in the competition and cheering for Brazil, because I love to dance. When I started dancing, I felt more confident, more in control of my place. It showed me that I do belong, and I can move and choose where to go “, said. Keep reading.

United Kingdom elects Pabllo Vittar as one of the five biggest innovations in the world

This article is also available in: Português Español

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