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German Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel recently wore a rainbow-colored helmet during the Turkish Grand Prix, a country known to be contrary to the rights of the LGBT community. It also contains the message: “without borders, only the horizon. Only freedom”.

The painting on the helmet was revealed last Friday, November 13, before the first free training session, generating great repercussions on social networks. In addition to the flag, several ethnic groups and other minorities are also drawn. The helmet was produced by designer Jens Muser, who has worked with Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen and Felipe Massa.

“The message, which is very dear to Sebastian Vettel in the midst of these difficult times and inspired this design, can be found on the top of the helmet: Together we are one” – says the official Tweet by Jens Munser.

In another tweet, Munser says: “The focus of this new helmet design is the rainbow as a symbol of people’s diversity in a world united in harmony. The color spectrum is inserted in the basic helmet color, which varies from black to white without separation “.

With information from Motor Sport.

Pilot Sebastian Vettel wears helmet with rainbow in LGBTphobic country

What is it like to be LGBT in Turkey?

In Turkey, homoaffective relations were legalized during the Ottoman Empire, in the 19th century, and have been maintained until today since the country’s foundation, on October 29, 1923. Despite this, they do not have the same legal protections as straight couples and LGBTs people themselves say that they suffer prejudice and discrimination from society.

In October 2009, the European Union Commission report stated: “There have already been several cases of discrimination in the workplace, where LGBT officials have been fired for their sexual orientation. The provisions of the Turkish Penal Code on ‘public exhibitionism’ and ‘crimes against public morality’ are sometimes used to discriminate LGBT people. The Misdemeanor Act is often used to impose fines against transgender LGBT rights in Turkey. “

A survey by Kadir Has University in 2016 concluded that 33% of people said that LGBT people should have equal rights to straight people, with the number rising to 45% in 2020.

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