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The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro arrested two more members belonging to the investigated gang for approaching people in bars and nightclubs in Rio and other four states, doping them and making withdrawals and high-value purchases. João Marcos Batista de Matos (28) and Matheus Gidioney Tavares (27) were recognized by a victim who suffered losses of around R$ 30,000 in a scam known as “Boa Noite, Cinderela”. The information is from O GLOBO.

According to investigations by the 13th Police Station (Ipanema), the two were acting with gay porn actors João Bosco Rodrigues Junior and Jemison Portela dos Santos, the first was arrested in October last year by the police of the 78th DP (Jardins – São Paulo), and his brother remains at large. As for João Marcos and Matheus, both serve preventive detention for a crime at a nightclub in downtown Rio.

The victim testified that one of them offered him an alcoholic drink and, when he was drunk, the victim got into a taxi with the pair and had his cell phone and card stolen inside the vehicle. Then, the pair moved about R$ 28,950.00 in bank transactions.

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In December, agents of the 13th DP arrested taxi driver Fábio Borges dos Santos, who would be responsible for transporting criminals and victims. According to delegate Felipe Santoro, the investigation points out that the victims got into the car under the effect of the drug Ketamina, known to users only as “K”, a substance originally to induce and maintain anesthesia in large animals. When dissolved in an alcoholic drink or sniffed, it causes hallucinogenic effects and loss of senses, this being the blow that became known as “Good Night, Cinderella”.

It is worth remembering that the aforementioned João Bosco was arrested for stealing the equivalent of R$ 100 thousand counting all the victims, but his Instagram profile had a gain of 1000 followers. He was known to have a 27 cm penis and made gay porn movies.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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