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The international website Cocktails and Cocktalk had, with exclusivity, access to two images of models who posed naked for Red Hot’s 2022 calendar, whose theme is “Motel”. If you’re old enough to get a driver’s license and want to check it out, click here.

The models in question are Craig Edwards and Edward Harbour, and the photos were taken by veteran Thomas Knights, the creator of this annual project since 2013. The purpose of selling the calendars is to allocate the proceeds to charity.

For 2022, in addition to the Red Hot Motel, there is also a calendar in honor of model Ken Bek, as well as the Super Ginger. Those who want to acquire the calendars via import, just access the Red Hot website.

The British Thomas Knights, creator and photographer of the “Red Hot” project, became notorious through the annual rehearsals he does with red-haired men to create a charity calendar. Knights says that he always thought that people with reddish hair were portrayed very differently in the media and even mocked or intimidated at school, which is why he came up with the project idea, of redhead empowerment.

“In society, and a bit in the redhead community, there has always been a bit of hierarchy. Boys born with ‘neon’ orange hair were classified as unlucky. If a child was born with red hair like me, people would say ‘at least he doesn’t have that bright orange hair’ compliment. Well, in the Red Hot world, we like to flip the switch. We think this extremely rare bright orange hair color should be celebrated. We think they’re the best redheads, superhuman, lighting up the world and bringing color wherever they go. For us, they are superheroes, they are the Super Gingers” , says Thomas Knights.

Traditional calendar with reds Traditional calendar with reds Traditional calendar with reds

Photo: Thomas Knights
Traditional calendar with reds
Photo: Thomas Knights
Photo: Thomas Knights
Photo: Thomas Knights
Photo: Thomas Knights

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