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Porta dos Fundos members held a press conference to talk a little about the newest Christmas special: “Theocracy in Vertigo”.

Taking advantage of the opportunity Antonio Tabet, Fábio Porchat, Gregório Duviviver and João Vicente de Castro also spoke about last year’s special, “The First Temptation of Christ”, which caused a lot of controversy for putting Jesus in the figure of a gay man.

“I’m sure we are alive because Jesus was just gay … If he were gay and black, it would be six bombs. If he were a woman, then …” – said Fábio Porchat.

João also commented on the controversy, saying that the group was not too shaken by what happened: “We feel more sad than we are afraid”.


As for this year’s special, “Teocracia em Vertigem” takes its name as a parody of the documentary “Democracia em Vertigem”. The idea this time is to make political criticisms and to attack extremists.

The first version of the script was very “steeped in religion”, something that would appeal to Christians, but Porchat had to rewrite it for a less religious version.

“Christians would love it, there was a lot of reference” – said Porchat, also explaining that in the original text there were quotes to Barabbas, who would be one of the main characters in the film, however, unknown to many non-religious people.

Gregório Duvivier also said that the goal of Porta dos Fundo is not to offend people who have a religious belief.

“Our idea was never to destroy Christian values, on the contrary, the special is Christian. It is always a rescue of the living Christ, we make him alive when we do the special.” – said.

Regarding the fact that Teocracia em Vertigem has a more political approach, Porchat explains: “We only talk about politics. Every subject ends in Bolsonaro – children talk about politics, the virus is politics, football is politics. So why not put it on Special?”

Teocracia em Vertigem was released on YouTube, not on Netflix as is traditional with the holiday specials at Porta dos Fundos.

With information from Rolling Stone.

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