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Footballer Matt Morton gave an interview to the SkySports website and decided to expose his homosexuality to celebrate Coming Out Day.

“It seemed very surreal to me, but at the same time it seemed very natural. I didn’t have those Disney romances at any time with any of the girls I dated” – he said, also explaining that it was challenging to accept sexual orientation for yourself due to discrimination in the environment in which you work, in addition to facing prejudice from your own family.

“I can only imagine that for my father – for a short period of time – it was as if a small part of his world was falling apart.”Morton said – “We didn’t talk for a few weeks and that decision was mine. It was the right thing to do, although I know it hurt you a lot. But it may also have played a big role in your willingness to be educated around it. It is important to say that he always got along well with any other gay he met “, completes.

At 30, player Matt Morton reveals he is gay:

Morton explains that his father looked at him with disappointment at first, but that afterwards everything was resolved. Apart from this fact, he also explains that no one treated him differently and that his only remorse is not having accepted himself before.

“I thought there was a chance of getting a homophobic reaction, but I just wasn’t worried about it anymore. And I am pleased to say that no one treated me differently. What is also important, I think, is not to treat yourself differently, otherwise people step on eggs and you don’t want that either. You want everything to be as it was before and for me and for me, it’s like this “.

Matt Morton ends by expressing that the only thing that does not make him happy is that he has not lived his sexuality fully before.

“I wish I could have realized that about me [ser gay] ten years ago, or even more” – he explains, adding that his “coming out” comes to help in the visibility and awareness of LGBTQIA+ athletes.

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