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Born in São Paulo, Ginê Lopes admits that it is not exaggerated when it comes to body care. At 1.75 m and 75 kg, Lopes expects to live a relationship considered unconventional: a triple. He lives in Paradise, and no one doubts that living next to him is literally being in Eden.

Recently, Ginê went by photographer Diego Perroni for Mustang Magazine, a project about the male nude where eroticism, human form and art go together with simplicity and freedom. It is an independent project where the only intention is to show that a body is just a body and that nudity is normal.

Photo: Mustang Magazine

Are you vain?

I am vain, but I am not so attached to taking care of myself, it should be more. I go to the gym, I take some care with food, but I don’t have a routine of skincare care or restrictive food, for example. I am very calm about that.

Do you use flirting app?

I do not use. I’ve used it in the past, but I’ve been married for ten years and we started a trisal almost a year ago. Today with two husbands, I don’t have time or head for the flirting app.

Photo: Mustang Magazine
Photo: Mustang Magazine

How do you deal with the lines, of men and women?

I answer everyone, I always try to be polite and explain my marital situation. Most understand very quickly.

What does a person need to do to win you over?

Today my heart already has two owners, so I’m out of space for new conquests. But I believe that to conquer me, the person needs to be interesting, intelligent, have content and always be willing to talk and also needs to be lively, I like people and I like movement.

Photo: Mustang Magazine
Photo: Mustang Magazine

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