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Actor Tyler Posey, 29, is increasingly freer and saucier on OnlyFans. In the last photos, he appears naked, in cowboy boots, by the pool.

Posey recently revealed that he has had at least two encounters with men in his life. “I never had sex with a man – we did blowing [gíria em inglês para se referir ao ato de fazer sex oral e receber o mesmo favor em troca], you know what I mean” – he said – “I never had sex, but yes, I’ve been with men before”.

In another part of the video, he also says: “For those who are new here and are asking if I’ve been with guys before, the answer is yes. Have I ever used a Dildo? Yes. I’ve been f ****** with one before. ”


Born in Santa Monica, on October 18, 1991, Tyler Garcia Posey is an American actor and musician, known for his portrayal of Scott McCall on Teen Wolf. He grew up in Santa Clarita and has Irish, English and Mexican ancestry. He has Irish, English and Mexican ancestry. His father is the actor and screenwriter John Posey and his mother was called Cyndi Garcia (who died in 2014, after fighting breast cancer for over four years).

He has two brothers, Jesse (younger) and Derek (older). When he was five years old, he started acting in commercials, and by the time he was six years old, he was already performing on stage with his dad, in the play “Father, Son, & Holy Coach”. Tyler studied at Hart High School with Todd Thayler (NY) and Steven Anderson (LA).

As a result of his acting career, he has been traveling around many places in United States, Canada and Mexico.

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