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I am tired of reading people saying that they are against the adoption of children by homosexual parents. I’m impressed at how people who have never studied childhood development are so full of certainties and affirmations.

A child at birth is totally dependent, therefore one notices that they need their love to live. From that is born the human being profound need of affection and a figure called by Freud Nebemench, normally occupied by a mother. Secondly, what emerges is what a mother loves besides the child, typically a father. And, by looking at him, the child discovers how they need to be to get the love and care of this primordial figure.

Yes, this means that homosexual parents can raise a child “normally”. One will occupy the figure of the primordial object and the other will occupy the paternal function, introducing the child to the ways of the world, to how a person should be like in order to be loved.

Now, will someone tell me that a homosexual parent will induce a child to be homosexual? This is a nonsense, since heterosexual parents have homosexual children. What I believe is that a homosexual parent could give their child more space to experiment and live their sexual life with freedom.

Mom and dad are functions that can be exercised in many ways. The paternal function can even be exercised by the mother’s work, or any other thing that she loves besides the child.

Still, I dare to say that, since gay parents will always be foster parents, I see a pattern in them being eager to have these children and, since they personally know the pain caused by prejudice, a little more empathetic with a child/teenager’s conflicts.

I can’t see any logical argument for a gay couple, who love each other, not being able to give love to a child. The sad thing is leaving them in foster homes based on sheer prejudice.

Gay love is the purest and truest, because many homosexuals are capable of fighting against society for someone – Edimar Luiz Müller.

This article is also available in: Português

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