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Last week, when opening a question box on Instagram, a reader said I’m “old.” Looking to get in a good mood, I said, “Yes, I’m a 34-year-old maricona” and then that same reader sent a message through direct making other insults and bragging about being “young”.

What could yield an “endless” arguing that would’nt get anyone anywhere, eventually inspired me to write this text, considering that all of us will one day become “mariconas” and the alternative to this is always worse. In addition, finances from the elderly are even more important, considering that spending tends to increase and the productive capacity of the individual decreases, and it is important that the person has planned life for this moment.

Gean Duarte
Modified image simulating Gean Duarte in old age


In addition to the social problems faced by LGBTs, elderly people still commonly face prejudice called etarism (also known as “ageism”), which is the combination of the words “age” (synonymous with age), and “ism” (in this context, it indicates discrimination). According to the article “We Will All Be Mariconas One Day”, this is even more exacerbated among gay men, who value the joviality and standardization of bodies.

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“Demand [os homens gays] an aesthetic perfection of men who make them feel terrible about themselves, after all the aging of the organism begins at twenty-five years old. Baldness, accumulation of adipose tissue that had changed the features of the face, expression lines on the face and other signs that organic metamorphosis points to the advances of time, are seen as depreciation of the value of the individual. You are worth what you look like and how long you have, in such a way that the individual will become a by-product that can be devalued.”, says the article.

A recent example is related to youtuber and fashion producer Matheus Mazzafera (41), who in December last year received homophobic criticism and comments after posting an image with a look worn at the Virginia Fonseca party. Disgusted, expressed himself on Twitter.



According to Carlos Henning, professor of anthropology at the Federal University of Goiás (UFG), in an article by Estadão on the loneliness of elderly LGBTs, the biological aging of an LGBT adds to a complex web of discriminatory problems.

“Most were kicked out of the house and lost this support network that is family. In addition, it faces greater difficulties in the public health service.” For Henning, the fact that many nursing homes are run by religious institutions represents an added barrier to LGBTs who need the service. “It is common for transsexuals to have to undo the transition process, cut their hair, remove the prostheses and change their clothes to be accepted there.”

In addition, an article from the Aging Portal also points out that, in our country, aging is an even greater challenge when compared to others, because the person will have to face various situations.

“The elderly here is a survivor, from many points of view. These people have to face poor health care, an education that does not prepare for the world, a labor market that pays poorly and does not allow to accumulate for old age. The person faces violence from public services, urban violence and even family violence”, says the article.

Modified image simulating gean duarte's old age
Modified image simulating gean duarte’s old age


In this context there is the question: What about money in the elderly? Planning finances is a necessity at any stage of life, but as stated before, this is even more important, especially so that there is no need to rely exclusively on the INSS (deficient public social security system), other people and a poor health service.

  1. Know your budget: It is important that the person knows how much income they receive and what the expenses are. The person himself needs to have control over the money, and not let the money have control over the person;
  2. Save for tomorrow: As obvious as it sounds, people without financial education tend not to do that. When one sees the budget itself, it also realizes the opportunities to make money, which will contribute to a worthy future. With less money spent on things that aren’t essential, there’s more money left to plan a better tomorrow;
  3. Make a retirement plan: Many elderly people remain in the labor market because of the need to supplement income (benefit of the INSS insufficient to meet expenses) or by the desire to remain. In both cases, it is important that the person has had adequate financial planning and investment plan to maintain the same standard of living as they age. But beware, many banks have been offering bad private pension plans, so it’s important for you to understand about real investments. Government Bonds such as the IPCA+ Treasury, for example, are ideal for the “retirement” goal. Make a simulation through the Direct Treasury website by clicking here.

As much as there are challenges in getting older, the fact is that it is a privilege to grow old and become a maricona, many have not had this chance.

Play/Instagram @bixarica_
Play/Instagram @bixarica_

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